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Discover 10 Ways Moving Companies SCAM YOU!



 Moving companies quote a low price over the phone, but charge you a much higher price after they’ve loaded your furniture.


2. Some Moving companies send day-workers instead of trained PROFESSIONALS Movers. Moving Companies use day-workers to save money on their labor cost.    




More Moving Scams >>

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Free Moving Supplies: Boxes, Tape, and Bubble Wrap


Free Moving Supplies For Our Customers


Most moving companies overcharge you for moving boxes, tape and bubble wrap.

Not Dr. Move.

We give our moving supplies away – for free!


We know that moving supplies can be the last thing on your to-do list when you’re moving. So we provide our customers with these supplies for free. It’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about.


Dr. Move wants your move to be the best it can be.


So we’ll help make sure your valuables and possessions are packed away safely in our new boxes, tape and bubble wrap that we provide — for free.


How many moving companies will give you anything for FREE?


But Dr. Move will, because we know that it will help make your move easier.

What is the catch?

There is no catch. Dr. Move gives away free moving supplies. And we’ll give YOU FREE new boxes, moving tape, and bubble wrap.

 Why do we do it?

The reasons are quite simple:


We want to save you money!

We want to make your move as easy as we possibly can!
We know that it takes money to move.

But we’re a moving company that believes in giving, not taking away, from our customers. We know that if you can eliminate just one chore off your moving list, you’ll be able to concentrate on your relocation.

We want your furniture and possessions to arrive at your new address in one piece. So we’ll give you new boxes for free.

Free moving boxes are a simple solution to eliminate moving damage. Old boxes may be cheaper, but they aren’t good for protecting your valuables. Studies show old boxes cause 79 percent of all damage during moves occur because used boxes have less support, and they’re more likely to damage your items.

We want you to be a satisfied customer.

Get your free moving supplies today.

Call 1-888-DR-MOVE-1.

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