Calling all Real Estate Professionals


Why should you concern yourself with doing ALL the work when we are here to help? We give you the freedom to do your work while we do all the heavy duty cleaning. Think of it as a win-win partnership.

Making Life Easier for Real Estate Professionals

Having a great house to show potential homeowners is one of the joys of every real estate professional. So is being able to help ease the moving burden of your clients. Here at our job is to make life easier for you by making sure you can do both of these things!

Are you planning on staging a house? We can help with that. Do you need unwanted clutter removed? We can do that too. Moving furniture from one place to another? You don’t even have to break a sweat, we’re here for that. Need somewhere to keep your belongings? We have just the right storage solutions to help you out.

Now how easy is all that?

In a nutshell you can expect us to deliver the following easy and hassle free solutions for you and your clients:

  • Clear out any debris which includes unwanted appliances and furniture
  • Clear out unwanted house items and deliver them to donation centers on your behalf
  • Store your extra appliances and house articles temporarily in our storage facilities
  • Help you with moving things from one property to another
  • Help with inside rearrangement order for showing

All our teams are professional, dedicated and efficient. We promise to represent you well.

Our experience

We have worked with hundreds of real estate professionals over the years. We continue to work with most of them because we believe in building and establishing long term partnerships between us and our partners.

We deliver on each and every promise that we make and can be trusted to do the job you call us to do. Even if the situation warrants an emergency cleanup, we can always negotiate and arrange something. All you have to do is ask.

Our services are so superior and our customer care so professional that many of the real estate agents we have worked with, always call us for every house they need cleaning services for. They know that we will do an excellent job and entrust us with repeat work. And true to our words we never disappoint.

If you are real estate agent and are tired of all the headaches associated with tenants leaving a property in an unacceptable condition and are in need of a team of professional cleaners, then look no further than us here at We are the right team for the job. You won’t get a better service and a fairer rate anywhere around.

So the next time you are thinking of professional house or property cleaners, don’t think too far, think


We can be reached on the following numbers below and also if you require any further assistance or any further information you can always call us at 1-888-Dr-Move-1 or text/sms 972-929-3098.



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