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Dear realtor, why should you worry yourself about the mess that often accompanies short sale, distressed properties or foreclosed homes? Let do the cleanup job that you don’t want to!

Removal of unwanted furniture and appliances is our job

Real Estate Owned properties often undergo numerous touchups before they are finally put up for sale. Sadly it is not every homeowner who leaves their house in a presentable state. Many occupants often leave their unwanted furniture and appliances in the house which makes it difficult for the realtor. Fortunately for realtors this is where we come in.

If you were always in a panic and fix about such kinds of tenants, you can say goodbye to that headache once and for all. Here at whatever your cleanup needs are we are always ready and available to help you out.

Quick and Reliable foreclosure cleanup services

Here at we work hand-in-hand with realtors and help them make these homes presentable. It takes us anywhere between 24 – 48 hours to do a thorough cleanup of the house which includes clearing all unwanted debris and sweeping the house. We make sure that the house is spotless so you won’t have a tough time trying to sell it.

We know that working fast is important to you; this is one of the reasons why we pride ourselves in delivering one of the quickest turnaround times of any company in the industry today. Our service allows you the realtor to list the house as soon as possible.

Fixed Rates for your Convenience

With set prices and a flexibility that suits your schedule as a realtor you can rest assured that what you see on paper is what you will pay for. You will never have to worry about hidden costs or service fees that you had not budgeted for. With our set prices you can calculate and estimate exactly just how much you will need to get the house ready for show.

Our hope is that we win your trust and in so doing we create a working partnership that allows us to keep helping each other in the future. In fact, we rely on partnerships and believe in doing business with those we have worked with. We believe in repeat clients. Hence our desire to do a thorough job time-and-time again.

Emergency services

We understand that emergencies and sudden evacuations can happen at any time. This is one of the reasons why we offer emergency cleanup services. It can be both difficult for the tenant moving out and for you as the realtor to get everything cleared up in time. This is where we step in. We come in to clean up where the tenant didn’t manage to reach while discarding of all unwanted household goods that may have been left in the sudden move.

Leave the cleaning to us. Whenever you require a quick and reliable cleaning service, be sure to call us or text us 972-929-3098 or  1-888-Dr-Move-1. We are always ready to help!


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