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Moving Insurance Options

Are you worried about an upcoming move? Don’t stress we’ve got your back, we have you covered.

No matter how experienced movers may be, accidents can occur anytime. There are two options to choose from. There is an option that covers loss during your move and another option that covers damages that may be incurred during your move.

Option 1 Carrier’s Minimum Liability

Under this option, the Standard Mover’s Minimum Liability Coverage automatically covers the articles being moved.   The cost for this automatic cover is $0.60 per pound per damaged item or lost good. There is no extra payment for this cover, and this is not insurance.  All shipments that are placed under this option automatically qualify to be covered by the standard liability which currently stands at $0.60 for every pound per article. Articles damaged in the move that can be repaired, the reparation costs will be paid for by this amount. This amount however cannot be used to replace damaged goods.

Not everything may be covered under this option and there may bea need for another type of cover such as insurance for valuable and sensitive items.’s % of damage claim rate is quite low but regardless of this fact, other forms of cover are still advised for items of a delicate nature. If you do not wish to purchase insurance you can opt to move these delicate goods by yourself. However this of course is not a form of insurance in itself.

Option 2 Homeowner’s Insurance

Before agreeing to any form of insurance, it is advisable to refer to your insurance policy to check whether or not your current home owner’s insurance provides coverage for your impending move. Taking the time to check before you buy will help you avoid buying unnecessary insurance. is Licensed, Professional, Reliable, and Insured Movers. For more information call us at 1-888-Dr-Move-1 today or text/sms 972-929-3098!


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