Labor-Only Movers in Dallas

Thinking of a move – Think Labor-Only!

Why fork out tons of money on your move when making a few phone calls to the right people can save you a lot? How you are asking? Glad you asked. All you have to do is rent a truck and hire experts to come do all the heavy lifting. Where do we come in? We compare prices to make sure you are getting value for money.

How it works

  1. No hidden costs – Up front pricing

You can rest easy knowing that there are no surprise hidden fees with us. You pay by the hour. This way you can easily compare with other companies.

  1. Outsource Moving Helpers

The process has been simplified by giving you the option to pay with a credit card. It’s safe and secure plus we will call you before anything is processed.

You can also cancel your booking thanks to our cancellation policy – up to 48 hours before the move at no extra cost to you.

  1. Rest easy and enjoy the move!

Because you and your belongings are in good hands

Moving Labor Help

Dallas / Fort Worth / Denton  Texas are the areas that works and operates in. We strive to create an environment where you can afford to comfortably plan your moves. Our experienced teams are always available to help with your move. Put your mind at rest by hiring the best and leading experts in the state. You can learn more about the labor services for your move by selecting any one of the services below:

Types of Moving Labor Provided by

  1. Loading up

Let us help you put things neatly into the truck, trailer or container you have rented out.

  1. Unloading services

Allow us to assist with unloading once you have arrived at your new destination.

  1. Moving Furniture 

We will facilitate the arrangement of furniture and make sure it’s exactly as you want it whether it is within your house, office, apartment or other property.

  1. On Site Move

Are you shifting location within the same building or apartment complex? We can help you with all the logistics of that move.

Moving Furniture

Whether you need help to shift and move furniture at your current residence or other property or between apartments at the same complex, there is nothing too hard for us here at – Your wish is our command. The ‘onsite moving’ we are involved in simply means the moving of furniture and or household articles without need of any transporting. The majority of situations whereby these services are most commonly employed include:

Help Loading:

Moving help to load up when you need it the most

Whenever you think of a do-it-yourself move, one of the things that stand out at the forefront is the difficulty of loading all your furniture and household goods onto the truck, container or trailer all by yourself. It’s not easy! This is why having skilled moving help is imperative. Having experienced staff to help you will save you time and potential damage of your goods. These experienced movers will make use of all the space inside your moving aide. Many people underestimate the importance of knowing how to make full use of space; this is something you won’t have to worry about if you work with us.

Unloading Help

Moving help to unload when you reach your destination

You no longer have to worry about who is going to help you unload when you arrive at your destination.  Elite Moving Labor is here to help you with that strenuous job.If you are planning on making a move within Dallas Fort Worth Texas then you can have all your bases covered by hiring the best moving help around. Let us help you with unloading your truck, container or storage container into your new residence.

For further information about any of these services or if you have any questions please feel free to call us here at 1-888-Dr-Move-1 today or text/sms 972-929-3098.


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