Packing Services in Dallas

It’s okay if you don’t feel like packing. Sit back, relax and let us do all the work.

We understand just how stressful packing can be! If you feel this way, then all you have to do is let go and let us take over. You don’t have to worry about anything. We are experts when it comes to packing. Skilled in the art of packing is what we are known for. By picking one of the packing options below, you can go from stressed to stress free!


$69 per hour

$69 service fee, includes misce packing meteriso

$45 drive time

3 Packing Options

1.)  You do all the packing – No charge there. It’s FREE

  • You will be responsible for doing all the packing by yourself
  • We will come in and blanket wrap your household furniture for the journey


2.)  We Help With Some of The Packing – Price is hourly and on depends how long it takes

  • We make a plan based on your individual needs
  • We work according to your instructions – we only pack what you tell us to pack
  • We will come in and blanket wrap your household furniture for the journey


3.)  We Do All The Packing – Price is hourly and depends on how long it takes

  • We come with packing and packaging material and do ALL the packing
  • We will come in and blanket wrap your household furniture for the journey
  • You don’t do anything at all!

Spring cleaning, bringing out seasonal household items and storing away other seasonal household articles is already difficult for most people. The headache of moving things often becomes worse when you have to pack up and move away. We understand all this of course;this is why here at we are always ready to help you with you move. If you are busy then we would be more than happy to help.

We have lightened the load for hundreds of people over the years with both our packing and unpacking services. The speed at which we get things done and our efficiency has been commended highly. We like to take the hassle out of moving. Here at we are fully covered and recognized by the local community and other businesses. We operate under license, are fully insured and bonded. There is nothing we cannot do. We know this industry so well, whether it’s packing, unpacking or help with moving, we have done it all. From small apartments, houses and condos, to large commercial properties, we have helped them all.

Professional Packing Service for Moving

Moving equals packing up your entire place and packing up takes time. Most people even though they start packing weeks in advance never seem to be able to finish all the packing.Finding the time to pack especially if you are busy can be difficult. Don’t worry, when you work with Moving, we will handle everything so you can sit back and enjoy the move. It doesn’t matter how close or far you are moving because our highly dedicated moving teams can pack, load and have you ready to move in the shortest time possible.

Being expert packers, you never have to worry that we won’t pack your valuable household goods well. We will ensure that all is safe and secure to avoid all damages or potential accidents. Ours is a superior method of packing that is above that used by other companies. Every article from glassware, chairs to picture frames is carefully secured and expertly packed using only the best packing materials that we will bring along with us.

Unpacking Service for A Stress Free Move

Settling into your new home is an absolute joy when working with Moving. Why is this so? Because after we have loaded and transported all your belongings to your new residence, we not only unload everything as carefully as we loaded it but we also help you with unpacking the goods we had packed and rearrange them according to your wishes. Taking cues from you we put together furniture that was disassembled and make sure that everything is in place and no screw is left loose.

When we are done, you won’t even know we were there. We leave no trace behind of our presence. Everything that we used in the move be it bubble wrap or boxes will be properly discarded leaving you with a clean and clutter free new home.

Don’t let the stress of moving get to you, whether it’s simply a move across town or a cross country move. Whatever your moving needs – packing or unpacking- let provide these services so that you and your loved ones can carry on with your normal schedules without disrupting your routines. Our professional moving teams will ensure that all your household items will be well taken care of during all parts of the moving process for a smooth move to your new home.

Don’t waste time and or money with your next move. Simply call us here  at 1-888-Dr-Move-1 today or text/sms 972-929-3098.


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