Referral Program – BEST, MOST PAY!

$50/referral  Program

Have you used our moving services during one of your moves and were satisfied? We would be more than happy if you could share that experience with others. In fact we are prepared to pay you for telling your friends and family about our unique services. Yes folks, here at we don’t take you for granted but want to show you our appreciation for helping us to market our moving services to more people.

Many people ask us why we are so happy to pay out so much in referrals. The truth of the matter is that in the past 13 years that we have been in business, our repeat customers have been our mainstay. These 55% of people have been the ones who have contributed significantly to our annual revenue. We could not do what we do without the referred and repeat clients that we are blessed to work with again and again.

Our CEO having started, a company many affectionately call with just $100 in his pocket understands just how important each and every customer is when building a business. As such we have adopted an attitude of gratitude for our customers who help us by referring us to those around them.

In return we ensure that our service is always of the highest caliber and that we are always on time and available whenever you need us most. This is why we are constantly being touted as one of the leading dallas professional movers around. We have mastered and perfected the art and craft of packing up and moving house. Even the manner in which we handle and respond to client queries and concerns is above reproach. We take great pride in our customer service.

We are prepared to pay you anywhere from $25 – $50 for each referral you send our way. We make all payments through PayPal. (See requirements on this page)


For further information about any of these services or if you have any questions please feel free to call us here at 1-888-Dr-Move-1 today or text/sms 972-929-3098.


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